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HT Construction – Next Meeting July 11th

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A great meeting at Sal Arcuri’s house.  He highlighted all the work he did building his own house from the ground up. Thanks to our two members who are retiring – Dee Perkins from Bright...

June 27th – Sal Arcuri – HT Construction

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Thanks to our previous presenters, Paul Ellis, Andy Stockwell and Don Raymond! This week we are going to experience,  first-hand, the construction work of Sal Arcuri from HT Construction. Our meeting will be held at his...
David helped me with my first home buying experience. He made what could have been an extremely stressful process simple, straightforward and relaxed, not to mention spending a full Sunday driving me around town to see houses in a blizzard. He was at no point pushy for a sale and never tried to point me towards a home I did not want. He was upfront about every flaw and potential future issue in each home we looked at. I ultimately picked a home that David found based on my description...
After reviewing hard to read paperwork that was handwritten by another home inspector I decided to hire Tom Sherman who was referred to me by a friend. The process was very detailed and informative. I was able to walk around and learn the possible issues and get professional insight. Tom Sherman from Absolute Home Inspections provided me with roughly 30+ pages of typed details with photos. I still use the packet years later to pinpoint on a project I might be working on.