Tom Sherman – Absolute Home Inspections:

After reviewing hard to read paperwork that was handwritten by another home inspector I decided to hire Tom Sherman who was referred to me by a friend. The process was very detailed and informative. I was able to walk around and learn the possible issues and get professional insight. Tom Sherman from Absolute Home Inspections provided me with roughly 30+ pages of typed details with photos. I still use the packet years later to pinpoint on a project I might be working on.

Iman Abraham – Abraham Saleh, PLLC:

If you are doing any work that involves a contract, you would be insane to not work with Iman Abraham. In a few minutes he will put your mind at ease that you have all of your bases covered and he’ll even think of things you would have never thought of. A legal mind who can do more than look at traffic violations. Talk to Iman if you are in business!