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HT Construction – Next Meeting July 11th

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A great meeting at Sal Arcuri’s house.  He highlighted all the work he did building his own house from the ground up. Thanks to our two members who are retiring – Dee Perkins from Bright...

June 27th – Sal Arcuri – HT Construction

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Thanks to our previous presenters, Paul Ellis, Andy Stockwell and Don Raymond! This week we are going to experience,  first-hand, the construction work of Sal Arcuri from HT Construction. Our meeting will be held at his...


  • David helped me with my first home buying experience. He made what could have been an extremely stressful process simple, straightforward and relaxed, not to mention spending a full Sunday driving me around town to see houses in a blizzard. He was at no point pushy for a sale and never tried to point me towards a home I did not want. He was upfront about every flaw and potential future issue in each home we looked at. I ultimately picked a home that David found based on my description...
  • After reviewing hard to read paperwork that was handwritten by another home inspector I decided to hire Tom Sherman who was referred to me by a friend. The process was very detailed and informative. I was able to walk around and learn the possible issues and get professional insight. Tom Sherman from Absolute Home Inspections provided me with roughly 30+ pages of typed details with photos. I still use the packet years later to pinpoint on a project I might be working on.
  • If you are doing any work that involves a contract, you would be insane to not work with Iman Abraham. In a few minutes he will put your mind at ease that you have all of your bases covered and he’ll even think of things you would have never thought of. A legal mind who can do more than look at traffic violations. Talk to Iman if you are in business!