As long as I can remember I’ve always needed to be learning a new skill. As a result, I now play six instruments, had a brief professional athletic career as a Pole Vaulter, and am now the proud owner of East Coast Tags: a printing company that supplies custom plastic cards and tags.

When asked about his success as CEO of Kimberly-Clark, Darwin Smith answered

“I never stopped trying to be qualified for the job.”

Being a business owner is my ultimate learning experience. Building East Coast Tags has afforded me opportunities to learn how our simple key tags can make a big difference for local nonprofit organizations while bringing revenue to collaborating local businesses.

Other industries East Cast Tags has learned to service:

Travel Agencies use us for luggage tags
Auto Repair Shops use us for key tags for promotions
Real Estate Agents use us for key tags for advertising
Professional Groups use us for badges
Store use us for gift cards
Libraries use is for card and key tag combos.
Event Planners use us for VIP passes
Sports teams use us for bag tags
East Coast Tags isn’t your cheapest option for custom key tags, luggage tags, bag tags, VIP Passes and so on, but the quality of the product and the energy, determination, and experience of the team behind the quality product cannot be beat.
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